Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feedback for Practical

Very strong use of editing, experimenting with temporal and spatial editing - the sound at these moments is also extremely effective. A clear and successful relationship exists between your soundtrack and your imagery. You have created very sinister effect. A smoother transition into your main title would have been more effective but well done.

Rough Cut

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Possible Fonts For The Film Title

We Decided that we would call our Film Bonnie, After the little girl Bonnie ___ Who acted for us in our title sequence. Since she isn't very old and is still at school, we thought that it would be a good idea to make the font look like a child had written it. Here are some Possible fonts that we could use for our final Title sequence


Monday, December 8, 2008


This is the order we plan to show our film titles for our opening sequence:

  1. Firefox films present
  2. A film by Roger Dervsky
  3. Music by Rob Blackwell
  4. Camerawork by Pia Rolfe
  5. Lighting by Bryony Richards
  6. Editing by Steven Priest
  7. Bonnie ____
  8. Robert Whitehall
  9. (Title) Bonnie

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Possible Film Titles

  • Missing
  • Bonnie
  • Lost
  • Taken
  • Gone
  • Watched

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thriller Deadlines

Deadlines for the thriller project:

1. Animatic Deadline - End of the last lesson of W/C 24th November.
2. Roughcut Deadline - End of the last lesson of W/C 8th December.
3. Final Cut Deadline - End of the last lesson of W/C 15th December.
4. 9am, 19th December completed evaluation powerpoint to moodle.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We are planning to film in an old, derelict building, however it may be difficult to get permission to do this so we have considered different locations:

Fathers 'shack'
  • Basement/Cellar
  • Loft/Attic
  • Barn
  • Shed
  • Garage
  • Dark room
Girls play area
  • Playground
  • Park
  • Child's bedroom
  • Garden
  • Street

The chosen location where we will film the child playing.

We will try to film most of our footage outside and will have to Film the Playground scenes outside. If necessary we could use the Black room in the media studio, or a Dark corner somewhere in the college if we cant fit the barn scenes in when we take the camera out or if we cant film at the barn for some reason.

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There are not many costumes involved in our sequence however we still need to think about them.

As he is living in a shack with no running water, he will not look very clean or well presented.
Dirty overalls
Messy hair
Dirty hands/fingernails

Chosen Overalls for the father.

Comes from a normal background so she will look like the average little girl.
Pink (:
Well groomed i.e. hair, clothes

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Props we will be using in our filming:

  • Camp bed - we will use this as the fathers make-shift bed in his shack.

  • Candles - we need a lot of candles/lanterns to light the 'shack'
  • Pictures - we need pictures of the girl we are filming to create a picture board for the wall

  • Doll - we will be using a doll as a symbol of the child

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Thriller Conventions

Here are a few thriller conventions we are going to try and follow in our opening sequence (:

  • Themes of identity
  • Crime at the core of narrative
  • Extraordinary events happening in ordinary situations
  • Protagonist with a flaw
  • Mise-en-scene which echoes/mirrors the protagonists plight

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Animatic Feedback

After showing the animatic to our media group we took notes on their feedback, which are as follows:

Good Points
  • Idea of swing - girl on swing at beginning, not on swing at end
  • Editing - flashes/flickers/flashbacks create suspense
  • Following conventions - hiding identity of man by covering parts of face
  • Atmosphere - happy to start with (children playing), at end it turns to sinister and unhappy
Things to work on
  • Shot duration - shot at the start of animatic was too long
  • No sound - did not create as much atmosphere without sound

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Soundtrack sample idea

Here is a short sample of music i have created on garageband.
i found that the use of the high pitched melody with the sound of children laughing creates a weird tense moment for the auidence, this being perfect for are child thriller based theme.



Concept idea for title sequence

The concept idea for our title sequence is based on a kidnap/murder mystery.
A loving father becomes obsessed with his daughter due to lack of contact with her during her early childhood years. After a divorce with his wife he was denied custody of his beloved daughter causing him kidnap his daughter out of desperation.
The title sequence starts with the father's memory of his daughter on a swing playing with her friends. To show it is a memory the first two frames will be very bright and dream like.
The third frame shows where the father is staying. It is a dim lit shack, the only light source being candle light. In this frame we can see pictures of his daughter on the wall and in frames showing his obsessive behaviour.
We show a close up of the father holding the childs doll which the flashes to her holding it and then back to the father. This is to create mystery as we do not know who has the doll or why.
From the father holding the doll, you see a medium shot from behind him as he throws the doll onto the bed. The camera will the pan around the room. This allows the viewer to become familiar with his surroundings. We also get an insight into his obsession with his daughter as this shot shows the pictures of the child on the wall.
After the pan shot, we see a close up of the fathers face. However we do not see all of his face as his eyes and nose are disguised by the shadows. This keeps the viewers guessing about the fathers full identity.
We then see a close up of one of the pictures on the wall showing the girl on the swing. The camera will then track forward getting closer to the picture which fades into the shot of the moving swing, however the swing is empty, suggesting that the girl is now missing.


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Analysis of professional thriller opening sequence

The film I analyzed was Death Race. I investigated how sound was used in the sequence to create meaning and feeling..

The being of the Death Race starts with a non diegetic soundtrack. This sound was very heavy and full of strong bass. This gave a very hard tense feeling of power to the start of the film as the frame also shows heavy machinery at work, this being a very tense strong atmosphere. The sound is similar to the images on the frame adding deeper tension and strength to the start of the film.

As the sequence progresses, it shows a fast paced gun fight between two cars. The sound of bullets fling past (this being a digetic sound) creates suspense as the audience are eager to find out what might happening. This also creates a meaning of depression as the driver in front is damaged and under fire.

To the end of the gun fight there is a strong explosion this intises the audience into the film as the diegetic sound of the explosion is very strong and loud.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opening sequence analysis

I will be analysing how the use of editing creates atmosphere in the opening sequence of Flight Plan.

The pace of the sequence starts off very fast as short duration shots are used, showing a train speed past. There are a series of shots like this, lasting about 2 seconds each. This creates atmosphere as it takes you by suprise as it flashes onto the screen. The pace then slows down when the train stops. There is a long duration shot showing a woman sitting at the train station. Atmosphere is created by long duration shots such as this one as it builds up a sense of curiosty as you begin to wonder why she is sitting there. The construction also creates an atmosphere here as a short duration shot and a long duration shot are placed immediately after one another which changes the pace dramatically.

There is no continuity editing in the opening sequence as it is visible to the viewer. There are a lot of jump cuts which switch between different locations, making the events look like they are in the wrong order. For example there is a jump cut between the woman sitting in the station, to her being in a morgue looking at a man in a coffin. It then jumps again to her being in the station with this man, almost like a flashback, however she is wearing the same clothes. This creates atmosphere because a lot of tension is built up; the viewer knows something isn't right.

The transitions in the opening sequence also create a bit of atmosphere. There is a fade transition to another location using silhouttes of aeroplanes. This makes the film seem creepy as the title of the film, Flight Plan, suggests that a plane is involved, and then one suddenly appears on the screen.

Overall, the editing seems to reflect the mood and pace of events in the film. The opening sequence seems quite sad as somebody has died, however the contrast of the editing in parts such as the construction of the sequence, suggests something isn't right, and adds a bit of tension to it.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Is Meaning Created In Switchblade Romance Through The Use Of Sound

In todays lesson (Tuesday 19th November 2008) we watched a scene from the film Switchblade Romance (2005) directed by Alexandre Aja. We were each given a different micro element to take notes about to understand how meaning is created through this. The micro element i was given was sound.

The scene starts with loud continuous screaming which creates a painful and angry atmosphere, while the screaming is happening there is a sound of something or someone being dropped or pushed away, this shows that there is a struggle between two people or a person and an object.    
With the the screaming is  still taken place a woman runs through a door leading into a bedroom. She is rushing around the bedroom which is shown through the sounds made. In this process there are sounds of objects being moved, dropped and the floorboards moving, with creates a sense of fear and not knowing what to do as she is running around the room from wall to wall.

At this moment the screaming dies out and eventually stops. With this the audience is able to hear a squeaking  or leather boots and footsteps on the wooden floorboards, this allows the viewer to know where the danger is or were it is coming from. As the danger moves the door that it enters through creeks, this tells the audience that the danger is entering or leaving the room. 

Throughout the scene there is a non-diagetic soundtrack which changes in pitch and length. it consists of long high pitched drones which are uncomfortable for the audience to listen to and so create an uncomfortable atmosphere. The soundtrack also has a slow bongo drum beat which connotes the danger mans heartbeat and footsteps. The tempo of the track also changes during the scene. When it increases it shows that the danger is growing, this is helped created by the volume of the track increasing.  


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Production Meeting 2

After watching Switchblade Romance (2005) directed by Alexandre Aja we have picked up on certain elements from the sequence which we thought built up suspense effectively. One of these was the lighting of the sequence. Alexandre used dark lighting throughout, using the moon as the only source of light. We felt that this added tension as you cannot see the whole of the character or their surrounding which creates mystery. This could be used in our Thriller to set the scene or to identify when a bad/evil character is seen in the frame.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Analysis of professional thriller opening sequence

I will be analyzing how the micro element mise-en-scene is used to create atmosphere in James Bond Casino Royal.

The opening to Casino Royal takes place in a market square in Madagascar where people are betting on a fight between a snake and meerkat. This fight creates a fast and dangerous atmosphere to the movie as well a symbolic reference to james bond and his villain.

The people betting on the fight, who are seen to be locals from the village are wearing t-shirts, jeans and hats. James bond and his fellow 00 agents are wearing shirts, trousers and shoes. This again shows a big contrast between two rase groups and lifestyles.

In the scene james bond, played by Daniel Craig is standing in the first floor of a damaged building watching over the market. This gives james bond the effect of a senior, stronger and vigilant character compared to his villein watching the fight who is, in this scene seen to be a weaker character although still important.


Monday, November 17, 2008

First Blog :)

Hey, this is our first blog for our Thriller 2008 coursework. We are, Pia, Bryony, Steven and Rob. Over the next 5 weeks we will keep you posted with updates for our hopefully successful title sequence!


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008